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Seating - Sapsan Seating Chart

Sapsan Train Seating Facts:

  • There are 6 seating options available
  • 10 coaches make up a standard train, 20 coaches in a double train
  • The train can accommodate up to 550 or 1100 passengers
  • Adjustable backrest and individual lightning in all classes

Along each of its routes, every Sapsan train offers six different seating options.

Basic Seats
Basic Seats
Economy class
Dining car
Business class
First class
Conference cabin

While tickets range from economy to first class, every seat aboard a high speed Sapsan train guarantees you’ll be riding in comfort. Even the most affordable seats have plenty of leg-room, big windows to take in the views, and space to store your luggage throughout the trip.

Most Sapsan trains are made up of 10 coaches, seating a total of 550 passengers. However double trains run along certain routes, meaning they can seat up to 1,100 passengers.

  Basic Seats Economy Class Economy+ Class Dining Class Business Class First Class Conference Cabin
Adjustable backrest
Folding leather seats with adjustable backrest with the possibility lumbar supports and footrest
Individual lighting
Folding or window table
Window table
Folding footrest
Built-in audio-visual unit
Media center (infotainment system)*
Individual entertainment system
Cold meal
Hot meal **
Shoe cleaning machine
220V sockets
Extended leg space (comparing to economy and basic)
Blanket, pillow, and a small amenity kit
Newspapers (in Russian only)
Travel set for children under 10
Access to business lounges at the train stations (where available)
Presentation display
Leather sofa
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* Passengers can access Sapsan multimedia portal using Wi-Fi on board. It features news, information on train schedule and services provided as well as entertaining content such as films, music and audio books. Using Infotainment system passengers can order drinks and snacks from the bistro car and goods from SapsanShop. Purchases will be delivered to passenger's seat.

**Dining class ticket includes a 2000 rub meal deposit

Basic Seats

Economy Class

Dining Class

Business Class

First Class

Conference Cabin

Services offered for an extra fee

Wi-Fi on board (included in the price of certain tickets)

Food is available in all seating classes (included in the price of certain tickets)

“Mini office” where passengers can scan, copy, and print documents

Sapsan train Russian gift store, a perfect place for buying souvenirs

Agents on board who can help you book excursions, train and air tickets

Taxi booking service

Sapsan Seating and Carriage Layout

Sapsan Train Tickets

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Once you have your tickets, look forward to a wonderful, smooth and quick journey on Russia’s and one of the world’s most modern, fast and cutting edge trains - The Sapsan. Buy your ticket safely and securely and then sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Travelers

No, it is impossible. Your passport data is printed in the ticket and you cannot give or sell this ticket to anyone else.

Yes, both cash and credit cards are accepted in Sapsan trains.

Yes, there are special seats for wheelchair passengers. However, these tickets are available for booking only at the train station.

All Economy+, Business, Bistro-car and First class tickets come with a meal included in the ticket price. Basic and Economy class tickets don’t include meals but you can buy food on board at an additional price.

Yes, Sapsan has a special car designed for passengers traveling with children.

In St Petersburg, the Sapsan arrives and departs from Moskovsky Train Station, Nevsky Prospect 85, Metro Ploshad Vosstania. In Moscow, Sapsan trains running between Moscow and St Petersburg use Leningradsky Train Station, located at Komsomolskaya Ploshad 3, Metro Komsomolskaya. Sapsan trains operating on the Nizhny Novgorod to St Petersburg route arrive and depart from Kursky Train Station, Zemlyanoi Val, 29, Metro Kurskaya in Moscow.

Officially, there's Wi-Fi on board, but as a rule, it comes with rather low speed and a poor connection. Most of the time you will only have an access to an internal entertainment portal where you can watch films or order meals from the bistro-car.

Each passenger is allowed to bring up to 36 kg of hand luggage. The sum of the hand luggage's three dimensions should not exceed 180 cm. Children under 4 travelling on a free ticket (without a separate seat) are not granted a separate piece of luggage.

Yes, there are special seats for passengers with pets.

If you’re not accustomed to choosing between train seating classes, the Sapsan’s seven options may seem overwhelming. However, it’s simply an opportunity to strike a balance between the amount of luxury you need and your budget. With seven options, you’ll know that the money that you’ve spent on your Sapsan ticket is worth it because your ticket will cater to your needs and taste. Whether your amenity preferences depend on the needs of your family members, business goals or just your desire for comfort and convenience, consider all the options below to find the best fit.

We’ve taken into account the number in your party, space needed and baggage requirements. Food preferences and electronic needs are also covered. If you require extra space, internet or hot dining options, the higher classes below will suit you, but only if you book in time. No matter the final outcome, you’re bound to have a great time in St. Petersburg, Moscow or Nizhny Novogord and the rails in between.

Standard (basic) Sapsan Tickets and Seats

The most affordable of the Sapsan tickets is Standard Class. It parallels a Second-Class ticket on Western trains. This lowest level still has adjustable seats and a folding footrest. With customizable lighting and a built-in radio, you can certainly keep yourself entertained with a little something to read and headphones. The seats are cloth and there’s a tabletop on the back of the seat in front. However, if the chairs face each other, there’s a table along the window. Each car has overhead compartments to store luggage and a wardrobe in which to hang coats.

Economy Sapsan Tickets and Seats

Built-in audio-visual units are the main upgrade in Economy Class. This class is still priced at only ₽3000 ($47) per seat. The units could be helpful for children, those who can’t sleep or hate reading. If you couldn’t or forgot to charge your phone, you might be glad you upgraded just a little from Standard Class.

Economy+ Sapsan Tickets and Seats

The plus in Economy Plus adds on food to the experience. Complete with tea or coffee, this cold sandwich will assist those who can’t pack food, don’t want the hassle or who need to feed only one member of their party. Economy+ also offers a shoe-cleaning machine. It might be nice to try one out or feel that you’re keeping one step ahead of the Russian terrain’s attempts to soil your footwear.

Dining Class (Bistro-car) Sapsan Tickets and Seats

If feeding an entire family or reserving your non-travel time for sights or meetings, a Dining-Class ticket may be for your party. If you just love to eat well, we’re not judging either. A ₽2000 ($31) non-refundable deposit will be applied to your dining festivities. Come hungry! For ticket between ₽5000 ($78) and ₽6000 ($93), you can enjoy a traveling restaurant. As far as the features, they are similar to Economy+.

Business Class Sapsan Tickets and Seats

Business class is the first to offer leather seats and included WiFi. If you want to pen your experiences home, catch up on work emails or check on your future reservations, this class or one above it is for you. Each Sapsan train has only one business car, so ensure that you book well in advance. With leather seats, extra leg room and a hot meal, passengers’ experience far surpasses the standard bus or airplane experience. The meal is served for either breakfast or lunch, depending on the train time. An added bonus is that Business Class can provide a small playset for kids who need to get down to business too.

First Class Sapsan Tickets and Seats

With such a variety of classes under First, is booking First Class worth it? For those hoping to get some rest or veg out, the recliner-style seats go back all the way. They’re well-spaced so it’s quieter too. A monitor can emerge from the armrest to entertain you during if the Russian landscape grows monotonous. An attendant can provide a Russian newspaper to keep you up to date or as a souvenir. WiFi is also included, of course. A First-Class ticket costs around ₽12.500 ($195).

Conference Room Tickets and Seats

A private conference room certainly meets the needs of a group working together or someone who must get things done alone. Nevertheless, families or loners might like to have this space all to themselves. The setup is four seats surrounding an expandable table. Eating, meeting or even mapping out your next moves becomes easy.


Zooming between St. Petersburg and Moscow has never been easier than on a Sapsan train. With seven different classes, finding a good fit of features for your budget is a cinch too. Without all the bells and whistles, the reliability and ease of even a Standard Sapsan ticket often outweighs the inconveniences of other modes of transport. Meanwhile, progressive improvements take place in the six upper booking options.