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5 Reasons To Use The Sapsan For Business Travelers

5 Reasons To Use The Sapsan For Business Travelers

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Is the Sapsan train good for business commutes?

  • The Sapsan allows you to work in a quiet atmosphere perfectly equipped with everything you need to get your work done.
  • The high-speed train brings you to your destination in just 4 hours and doesn’t require lengthy transit to remotely located airports.
  • Trains depart more than ten times per day which allows for greater flexibility and ease of travel.
  • With the Business Travel Card you can save time and money.

If you’re frequently commuting between St. Petersburg and Moscow for business, you have probably already tried all of the available options. If you’re still unsure, here’s a little something that might help: a list of five good reasons why you should choose the high-speed Sapsan train for your business commutes.

Reason #1: A Quiet Work Atmosphere

In Sapsan’s Business Class, First Class and Conference Cabin, access to WiFi is included in the ticket price, so you can conveniently work while en-route. The carpet does a good job at muffling footsteps and other sounds — there really isn’t any hectic running around or dragging suitcases that could interfere with your concentration. The comfortable, extra wide leather seats are equipped with power plugs. You can charge your laptop or phone and don’t have to worry about missing anything. What’s more: your journey comes with one hot meal brought directly to your seat.

Reason #2: Sapsan is the Most Convenient Way to Travel

The Sapsan For Business Travelers - business class

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If you compare all the means of transport that can get you from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back, you’ll quickly realize that the Sapsan is by far the most convenient option. The trip only takes four hours, and you’re going from city center to city center — no lengthy transit to the outskirts of town required. Simply board and disembark without check-ins, baggage claims and extended safety checks.

Reason #3: The Business Travel Card

With Sapsan’s Business Travel Card, commuters can save a lot of money. Choose a period of time between 30, 90 or 180 days in which you can complete 8, 24 or 48 rides at whatever time is best for you. The card is available for all coach classes. How it works: When booking your ticket, indicate that you have the Business Travel Card. Reservations can be made up until 2 hours before departure. The biggest plus? Reservations can be changed easily. Just hop onto the train whenever you need to and enjoy a carefree journey.

Reason #4: Environmentally Friendly

The Sapsan For Business Travelers

Photo by Sapsanticket staff

Worried about your ecological footprint? Compared to flying, traveling by train can reduce your emissions by up to 90%. Russia is doing everything it can to reduce carbon emission on its rail system. According to FTN, RZD is the world’s most energy-efficient and eco-friendly railway company. The Sapsan brings you from Moscow to St. Petersburg as fast as a plane and with a clean conscience.

Reason #5: Flexibility

Sapsan high-speed trains run more than ten times a day, every day. This allows you to be as spontaneous as you want or need to be. Booking tickets through our website is simple and takes just a few minutes. You don’t have to check in yourself or your luggage and you don’t have to travel to an airport at the end of the world and back to reach your final destination.


There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to choose the Sapsan over an airplane or any other kind of train. It’s fast, reliable and convenient. On top of that, you can work peacefully and comfortably while on the road, not wasting time while traveling. With the Business Travel Card you can save money and enjoy even more flexibility. Commuting between St. Petersburg and Moscow for business purposes has never been easier!