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About the Sapsan Train

Sapsan Train Facts:

  • Began operations in 2009
  • Average speed is 240-250 km/h
  • Russia’s fastest train
  • Offers 6 different seating classes

Prior to the introduction of the Sapsan train, running as part of Russian Railways (RZD), the fastest train between Moscow and St. Petersburg took approximately 5 1/2 hours, with some rides taking up to 9 hours. High-Speed Sapsan trains have nearly cut that time in half, as you can now travel between these two landmark cities in as little as 3 1/2 hours.

It’s no wonder these express trains are named after the Peregrine Falcon - Sapsan in Russian - considered to be the fastest animal in the world. Built by Siemens (Germany), the Sapsan train speed averages between 240-250 km/h (~150 mph) and can go as fast as 350 km/h (217 mph).

Just like their namesake, the red bird in the Sapsan logo, the Sapsan bullet train combines grace and beauty with tremendous speed. Designed to work in even the most challenging Russian weather conditions, Sapsan trains are fully functional in temperatures as low as -50 degrees celsius (-58 Fahrenheit,) so Sapsan passengers can expect a smooth ride no matter what season it is and making them perfect for Russia.

Sapsan trains are best known for being the fastest way to travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg, but they also have a tremendous reputation for customer satisfaction. With six different seating classes and coaches that can accommodate all types of passengers, including those with disabilities, people traveling with children, and even pets — Sapsan fast trains make it easy for everyone to travel throughout Russia.

Every high-speed Sapsan train has a restaurant car, plenty of bathrooms, and seating specifically for business travelers. A normal 10-coach train is approximately 250 meters long (the length of more than two football pitches!) which means there’s plenty of leg room for everyone onboard.

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Sapsan Seating and Carriage Layout

Sapsan train

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